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Experienced Development Team

Lighting Rock can utilise the experience of our development team to quickly and cost effectively develop solutions to meet your needs. Members of our software development team have decades of experience producing bespoke solutions in all sorts of environments.

Diverse Range of Experience

Our team formed back in 2013 with expertise ranging from construction engineering to aviation through to the community sector and education. Our team can utilise our experience and diverse backgrounds to build better solutions to your problems.

We Love Our Work

At Lighting Rock, we do what we do because we love it. Virtual Reality and other cutting edge technology is our passion and this shows through with the quality and standard of our work. We put our all in to produce the solution you need.

Meet The Team

Lightning Rock works with a large team of contractors and collaborators so that we can bring in the exact skillset your project requires. Our core team is based in Canberra, Australia.

Shannon Pickles

Shannon Pickles


With more than 15 years experience in executive management across a variety of crisis based sectors including housing, community support and mental health Shannon knows how to make sure things get done in a timely and efficient way. He has led large multidisciplinary teams across a range of services, through to small focused groups of specialists.

At Lightning Rock he is able to combine his diverse skills set covering psychology, business, HR, finance and law with his passion and love for gaming, technology and innovation to work with and guide the team to build and make some amazing things.

Chris Hahn

Chris Hahn

Lead Artist

Chris is all about the details. Whether it's making sure that the texture on the smallest of artworks in a game is accurate, or taking the time to robustly test every aspect of the latest release of a software application, he is the guy that picks things up that others may miss. With a long background in the construction industry he is one of those rare artists that can understand the bigger picture, and how programming, engineering and quality assurance all blends together to create an amazing final product.

Chris is always the person to remind the team that we should be making cooler and better stuff. He is passionate about always going that extra step, (and metre, and kilometer...) to create something that blows the customers mind away

Stephen Shorrock

Stephen Shorrock

Lead Developer

Stephen is one of those guys that can’t stand not understanding how something works. He has self taught himself a half dozen programming languages, and is an avid consumer of everything he can find about immersive and emergent technologies. He has had a broad ranging career including experience in systems administration, structural steel detailing and even horticulture!

At Lightning Rock he comes up with all of the out of the box ideas to fix problems. Equally skilled in either creative software, or innovative hardware solutions to address the customers desired outcomes. Stephen is passionate about technology and all of the cool and interesting ways that it can be applied to real world problems.

Jack Erskine

Jack Erskine


Jack loves making pretty things. Whether it's a shiny new material, a fancy looking 3D model of a kraken, or an amazing new cosplay outfit it gets him all giddy and excited. Jack has had the opportunity to work in a number of different game studios which has given him a broad background in the different ways to get things done, and expertise in a variety of software platforms to develop amazing and cool looking art.

Jack is both a graduate from and a teacher at the Australian Institute of Interactive Entertainment, in the fields of graphic design and art. Most importantly Jack is a passionate gamer, with a love across all forms of interactive entertainment from board card or computer games, and he brings that passion into the projects we develop to make sure they are fun for everyone that uses them.

Ben Doobov

Ben Doobov

Chief Engineer

Ben has a long history of working in the aviation industry. It’s the kind of industry where things aren't allowed to go wrong, so Ben has become an expert at creating systems and environments that just work.

He has worked extensively with large government and private agencies both locally and internationally and is aware of all the little things that can create hurdles on the way to making amazing things happen.

At Lightning Rock his goal is making sure all of the back end systems are flexible yet robust, whether it's our servers, websites, virtual hosts, or even the development and design of a bespoke hardware solution. Providing a solid and consistent base to all of the work that we deliver.

Bespoke Experiences in Mixed Realities

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