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Many Locations in One Room

Our technology allows your customers to feel like they're moving from room to room, getting into an elevator and travelling to the top of a tall building, it will feel real - but they never leave the room.

One Room for Many Experiences

With our technology a single room can be used for multiple different experiences with no setup or pack down between customers, maximising the flexibility of your business.

VR Escape Room Licensing

We offer licencing of our VR Escape Rooms. This will allow new or existing escape rooms to add a new dimension to the experience they offer, or expand their existing library with fantastic new content.

Simplifying Management

Our licenses include a suite of management software that simplifies the running of your VR Escape Rooms, including tools for managing your VR PCs, setting up game sessions and more.

No Lock-ins or Exclusivity

Our escape room licencing comes with no lock-ins or exclusivity clauses. We are confident that once you try our experiences, they will be the ones you will be wanting to push to your customers. However if you want you are free to offer other VR escape room experiences at your venue.

Cater to a Larger Audience

Our experiences are targeted to a larger audience than traditional escape rooms, at our demo site we frequently get groups ranging in age from tweens to senior citizens. Many of our players have never tried an escape room before, while others are escape room aficionados who love our experience.

See the teaser for Chronosphere, our upcoming VR Escape Room.

Explore Our Amazing VR Escape Room Experiences

Our Virtual Reality escape rooms instantly transform you into a time hopping adventurer examining the earth’s core elements, physics and electricity in a multiverse while solving puzzles that can’t be experienced in this reality.

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Our VR Escape Rooms Offer You More

Multiple Room Sizes

Our VR escape rooms support multiple room sizes, making it easier to fit our experiences in your venue.

In Game Cameras

Your staff will be able to monitor the players through multiple in-game cameras, making it simple to provide assistance.

Hardware Monitoring

Our management software provides full hardware monitoring, making it simple to spot problems before they happen.

Variable Difficulty

We support multiple difficulty levels in all of our escape rooms, making them appeal to a larger audience.

Our Experiences

See our latest experiences, available for licensing at your venue.

Customer Reviews

See some feedback from real customers at our own successfull VR escape room site in Canberra, Australia.

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