Lightning Rock is an experienced software development studio specializing in innovative solutions to hard problems.  We can use our experience to make your project a success.

We excel in finding the right technology mix for your project.  Combining cutting edge technology  with high reliability software development practices to produce high tech but reliable solutions.

Lighting Rock can bring their game development background to your project, using gamification techniques to make your project an engaging experience that users will love.


You have an idea?

You want to do something unique, unusual, wild and out there. You want to build an experience. But you don’t know how, or what technology is out there that might work?
Lightning Rock is as enthusiastic about your idea as you are and we can help
With skills and expertise across the construction, aviation, training education and various forms of engineering  combined with a desire to do interesting new things. We have a passion for the latest emergent technology and developing new ways to use them to meet organisational outcomes.

We are a small agile team

What we have done

For past projects we have simulated virus outbreaks using radio frequency identification (RFID), created room scale simulations to visualise electric and magnetic fields using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, used Augmented Reality (AR) to train students how to create a construction footing and more.

What We Do

Physics simulations using Virtual Reality to assist in teaching students complex concepts.  This was achieved by allowing students to visualize and interact with particle and magnetic fields.

Data visualizations using live inputs for interactive exhibits.  This visualization was used to map a simulated virus outbreak in order to demonstrate how viruses can spread in contained environments.

Building complex 3D worlds to create immersive and engaging experiences.  Our team has extensive experience making interactive worlds and simulations to create innovative learning experiences.

Sometimes you have your own team but you're not sure how to approach a new project, what technologies to use or how to engage your users.  We provide consulting services to help your team succeed.

For the times where a digital solution by itself won't cut it, we have extensive experience in cinematography, film making, 3d printing and a range of other fields so we can deliver that extra flare your project needs.,

Educational and training tools using Augmented Reality to allow students to interact with complex environments that would be too expensive to reproduce in the a classroom environemnt.


We have worked with leading tertiary institutions, museums, local government and the private sector to turn concepts into real software solutions.

"'The simulation developed for us by Lightning Rock was to an amazing standard, and early data suggests significant potential for abstract, conceptual learning with VR"

Dr John Debs - Research School

of Physics and Engineering - ANU

'Lightningrock produced a product using Hololens which is exciting and innovative. Students looking at the product say that this "Makes learning fun" and makes it real. They are brilliant.'

Tony Cowlishaw - Head of Department

Building and Construction Management - CIT

Lightning Rock has extensive experience in a large range of technologies.  Our team comes from diverse backgrounds  giving us a wide range of experiences in different technologies.  While we are happy to work with almost any tools and technologies, we focus on a set of key technologies we believe will help turn your idea into a product quickly and cost effectively.


Cross platform development is our thing, we have experience and an comprehensive set of tools that allow us to quickly and cost effectively bring your idea to multiple platforms.

We have years of experience working in the virtual and augmented reality space.  One of our projects was a launch title for the HTC Vive and we have developed several VR and AR training and education tools.

While we strongly believe in using the right tool for the job, we specialize in dotnet development using Unity.  We have also developed an extensive library of tools to both reduce development times and improve quality.  This allows us to deliver your idea faster and for a lower cost.



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